How Do You Know the Difference Between Dental Implants and a Dental Crown?

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how do you know the difference between dental implants and a dental crown

There are a lot of dental treatments out there and it can get confusing trying to understand the difference between them and more importantly, figuring out which one is best for us. One prominent example of this is dental crowns versus dental implants. Although each process is done to repair your smile, each one offers a unique approach to improving your oral health.

For more information about receiving dental crowns and dental implants in West Edmonton, talk to your dentist today.

Restorative Dentistry 

Restorative dentistry is a branch of dental medicine that seeks to repair or enhance the overall functionality of your smile. More often than not, these treatments blur the lines between restorative and cosmetic dental care.

Dental crowns and implants are two popular processes that are recommended to patients who are interested in improving their oral health.

 Dental Implants

Typically, dentists recommend this course of action for patients who are dealing with missing teeth.

A dental implant is a device that’s composed of three smaller components: the implant screw, the abutment, and a prosthetic.

Titanium is used to fabricate both the screw and the abutment because it is compatible with our bodies and won’t cause any irritation or give rise to an infection. The screw is surgically inserted into your jawbone and over time, they fuse together to establish a very solid foundation for your smile. The abutment connects the screw to a customized prosthetic that fills in the hole in your smile. Lastly, porcelain or ceramic is utilized to create this prosthetic.

 Dental Crowns

A dental crown is also a prosthetic that’s specifically designed to satisfy your oral dimensions. It’s a small cap that’s made out of porcelain or ceramic, so it blends in with your smile. In many cases, a crown is what’s used to cover up a newly installed dental implant, a broken tooth, or a tooth that’s severely discolored.

To learn more about dental implants and dental crowns, don’t be afraid to get in touch with a dentist near you. They’ll address any concerns or questions that you have. Your dentist will also be able to tell you whether you’re a suitable candidate for either of these treatments.

 The Benefits of Dental Implants and Crowns 

Several benefits come with receiving either dental implants or a dental crown from a dentist near you. This includes:

  • Preserving the structure of your jaw and improving its function.
  • Makes your smile appear aesthetically pleasing. In turn, this will boost your self-confidence too.
  • Both devices can be treated like your normal teeth. Once your mouth has healed, you’ll be able to eat, brush, and floss as you normally would.
  • They last a long time. If you practice good habits, your crown should last you up to 10 years or more. In comparison, dental implants are considered a permanent solution.
  • Provides strength to your neighboring teeth.
  • Stops plaque, tartar, and other debris from gathering, especially in the gaps created by missing teeth and the cracks that form on chipped or cracked teeth.

The Drawbacks of Dental Implants and Crowns

 Even though there are two sides to every coin, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should just dive right in.

On average, acquiring a single dental implant will cost more than receiving a crown, but it is a better long-term investment since they don’t ever need to be replaced.

At least, maybe three separate appointments are needed to repair your smile. Before you can move forward, you’ll need to attend an initial consultation with your dentist. They will physically examine your teeth and gums and take multiple X-rays. This allows them to create an accurate image of your oral health and determine the degree of treatment that’s required. Your subsequent appointments will be when you receive your devices. With that said, it can be a bit of a lengthy commitment.

Are you interested in receiving a dental crown or dental implant from a dentist in West Edmonton? If so, here at Aldergrove Dental Clinic, no matter what form of care you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered! Call, come in, or go to our website to book a session that works with your daily schedule.

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