Dental Implants in West Edmonton

Dental Implants Near You

Do you have one or more absent teeth? Missing teeth have a serious impact on your everyday life. As simple tasks such as chewing and speaking become more difficult causing disruptions, bone loss can also occur. We offer dental implants near Aldergrove to restore your missing teeth.

dental implants in west edmonton

What are Dental Implants?

Not only do the implant posts comfortably secure your restorations, but they also provide stimulation to your jaw tissue, preventing bone loss. A dental implant entails a titanium post, which is inserted beneath your gums and into your jawbone. The post fuses with your jawbone through a process called osseointegration and supports a dental crown.

Replacing missing teeth is essential for the function and appearance of your teeth. Bacteria and tartar tend to settle in between gaps, leading to tooth decay, cavities, or gum disease. Teeth also shift over time when nothing is maintaining the space between a gap. When teeth begin to move, it can cause biting, sensitivity, and general functions of the jaw. One way to close these gaps and replace missing teeth is by receiving dental implants in West Edmonton. Contact our dentist in West Edmonton today to determine if you are the right candidate to receive dental implants near you!

What is the Procedure for Dental Implants Near You?

Looking for dental implants in West Edmonton? To begin this procedure first requires a consultation with your dentist to examine your jawbone and determine if there is adequate bone to secure your implants. If you qualify as a candidate for dental implants, your dentist will place the implants into your jawbone and you will enter the healing process—osseointegration. During this period of several months, your jawbone and post will fuse together and once they have fused, your dentist will begin designing a dental crown based on molds taken. The implants become virtually permanent as they are now a part of your mouth rather than an accessory.

Who Qualifies as a Candidate for Dental Implants in West Edmonton?

If you’re interested in receiving dental implants in Aldergrove, please schedule a consultation to see if you are eligible. If you are acquiring dental implants in West Edmonton, AB T5T 1Y7, you will need to have healthy gums and adequate tissue volume to support the implants. If your surrounding jawbone is tooth thin or can’t support integration, your dentist will discuss your options with you.

What are The Benefits of Dental Implants?

The primary benefits of receiving dental implants near you include:

Enhanced appearance: Reclaim your smile with dental implants.

Improved comfort: These virtually permanent replacements are not removable. You won’t have to worry about them sliding or shifting in your mouth. Also, messy and sticky adhesives are unnecessary if you have dental implants in West Edmonton.

Improved speech: Restore your speech with dental implants and say goodbye to loose or ill-fitting dentures.

Increased confidence: When your teeth are missing, it can reduce your self-esteem, but with dental implants, you don’t have to suffer in silence.

Receiving dental implants in West Edmonton is the ideal and most effective treatment option for patients facing tooth loss. To learn more about dental implants, contact our West Edmonton dentist today. We offer dental implants near you.