Busting Myths About Dental Implants

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busting myths about dental implants

If you have been dealing with missing teeth for quite some time, then you are likely looking for a good replacement option. Dental implants in West Edmonton are an excellent option for replacing missing teeth as they not only mimic the natural appearance of teeth, but they function similarly as well.

At Aldergrove Dental Clinic, we are happy to provide dental implants as an innovative tooth replacement option for our patients. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths surrounding dental implants that keep patients from looking further into this restoration option. In this blog post, we bust some common myths surrounding dental implants.

#1 Dental Implants Are Not Affordable

Dental implants should be considered a long-term investment. Although you will need to pay more money upfront for dental implants than you would for other restorations such as dental bridges or dentures, they can last your entire life and rarely, if ever, require replacement. As a permanent replacement solution, you will only deal with a one-time cost instead of worrying about ongoing replacement and repair costs for years to come. Therefore, you save money when you invest in dental implants near you in the long run.

#2 Dental Implants Are High Maintenance

Many people assume that dental implants require a lot of care, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Once you have healed from your implant surgery and the restoration is complete, dental implants require no more care than your natural teeth. You will need to continue to brush and floss twice a day and visit a dentist near you at least once every six months for a dental cleaning and exam.

#3 Dental Implants Look Fake

The reality is quite the opposite of this! Dental implants are by far the most natural-looking and functioning tooth restoration available. They use custom-designed porcelain crowns that can match the exact color, shape, and size of your teeth, allowing you to sport a completely natural-looking and stunning smile.

Additionally, with dental implants, you don’t have to worry about problems such as poor fit the way you would with dentures. Instead, you can rest assured that your smile always looks perfect with the secure and permanent fit that dental implants provide.

#4 Dental Implant Surgery Isn’t Safe

When performed by a qualified dentist in West Edmonton, dental implants have a 95% success rate, making them highly safe. With modern technology, dental implant surgery is quicker and more comfortable than ever before. Additionally, since dental implants replace the tooth and tooth root, they stimulate the jawbone and prevent more dangerous occurrences such as bone loss.

#5 Anyone Can Get Dental Implants

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for dental implants. There are many medical or oral health conditions that can prevent patients from getting implants, such as unhealthy bone and gum tissue or bone loss.

Visit Aldergrove Dental Clinic

Dental implants can be completely life-changing. If you would like to learn more about dental implants and determine if you are an ideal candidate for this restorative dental procedure, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of dental professionals at Aldergrove Dental Clinic. We are happy to provide you with a comprehensive oral exam and help you begin your smile transformation journey.