Why Are Regular Dental Cleanings Important?

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why are regular dental cleanings important

When was the last time you scheduled an appointment for a dental cleaning? If it’s been longer than six months, then it’s time to reach out to your dentist in West Edmonton! When you schedule professional dental cleanings, they not only have an impact on the appearance of your smile, but they have a major impact on your oral health and overall health (which are not mutually exclusive). Failing to care for your oral health can be linked to many serious health concerns and illnesses. Stroke, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and several other issues are some of the medical and dental issues associated. Maintaining good oral hygiene at home by brushing and flossing regularly is essential. However, in addition, you should also schedule regular dental appointments with your dentist every six months. Below you can find the top seven reasons why scheduling dental cleanings near you at your dental office in West Edmonton is imperative to your oral and overall health.

A Brighter Smile

Maintaining dental cleanings in West Edmonton at your dental clinic can help ensure your smile stays bright and continues to shine. During dental cleaning, a dental hygienist will eliminate the majority of tooth stains found on the surface of your teeth that causes them to look dull and discoloured. When you think back to all the dental cleanings near you that you have scheduled and attended, you likely left your dentist’s office with a brighter smile. That brighter smile translates into a brighter you!

Prevent Gum Disease

Did you know gum disease, also known as periodontal disease can lead to early tooth loss? This serious infection of the gums can damage soft tissue and destroy the bone that supports your teeth; this can cause your teeth to loosen and result in tooth loss. Luckily, gum disease is easily preventable by practicing good oral hygiene and scheduling routine visits with a dentist near you. Regular teeth cleaning can prevent gum disease and save your precious teeth. After all, you only have one set of teeth to last you a lifetime, and every individual should do their best to protect their teeth at all costs.

Detect and Cure Oral Cancer

Although patients above 60 are at the highest risk of developing oral cancer, it can still affect patients 40 years of age and under. Luckily, the survival rate of oral cancer is much higher when the lesion is diagnosed at an early stage. Unfortunately, virtually half of oral cancers are diagnosed once they have advanced to a later stage. Oral cancer screening is an imperative aspect of preventive care. Routine visits with your dentist for dental cleaning and examination can ensure that oral cancer screening is conducted and any abnormalities are detected in only a few minutes.

Preventing Cardiovascular Disease and Gum Disease

Cardiovascular disease and gum disease share a strong link. When you visit a dentist near you for professional dental cleanings in West Edmonton, it can reduce your chances of heart attack and stroke which can be deadly. How? During a teeth cleaning, plaque and tartar are removed from your teeth, preventing gum disease and its worrisome link to other serious diseases and major health issues.

Detecting Early Signs of Dental Issues

During a professional dental cleaning, it’s easy for your dentist to examine your teeth for any early signs of dental issues such as broken fillings, fractures, or other dental restorations that may require repairs or replacement.

Usually, dental plans cover the cost of a dental cleaning, which can save you money on future dental concerns that could have been prevented, detected or treated early-on. Don’t wait to contact your dentist in West Edmonton until a problem arises; schedule an appointment for dental cleaning near you today!