What To Consider In Looking for an Emergency Dentist

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what to consider in looking for an emergency dentist

If only everything were routine and mundane! Maybe we should be careful what we wish for. But even if we don’t want everything to be routine and mundane, the last thing we want to have to face is a medical emergency. But what about a dental one?

You’re probably prepared to deal with an unfortunate medical emergency. You know to dial 911 if it’s appropriate. You probably know where the nearest hospital and emergency room are. You may even have the hospital’s address and your doctor’s phone number on your fridge somewhere or saved prominently in your phone. But what about a dental emergency? What if you have a tooth knocked out? Or if you experience sudden and extreme tooth pain? Or a dental restoration is dislodged from your mouth?

Just in case you ever face a dental emergency, you should know how to contact an emergency dentist in West Edmonton. The staff at Aldergrove Dental Clinic hope you’ll never have to contact an emergency dentist. But if you do, they hope that you know how to reach one right away. Not every dental clinic in West Edmonton offers emergency dental care and not every dental clinic is appropriate for you and your family. Here are the factors to consider when you’re looking for an emergency dentist in Aldergrove… just in case.

What are your emergency office hours?

Emergencies don’t just occur during banker’s hours. Will you be able to reach your emergency dentist 24/7/365 at their usual telephone number? Or are there extended — but still limited — hours and a special number to call? In the case of some dental emergencies — such as a tooth that has been knocked out — you’ll want to be in a dentist’s chair within 30 to 60 minutes of the injury if possible. For this reason, plus because you’ll want advice and pain relief as soon as you can in many cases, a dentist with the broadest availability is, all things being equal, probably your best option.

What emergency treatments are available?

It’s entirely possible that a clinic may not be able to offer every possible dental service on an emergency basis. Teeth whitening, for example, probably won’t be available! But will other potentially important emergency services be available if needed, or is it just a consultation line? For example, will the emergency dental clinic near you that you’re considering be able to perform x-rays, extractions, and surgery on an emergency basis if needed? Will pain relief and anesthesia be available if appropriate?

Does the clinic treat children on an emergency basis?

Children are not miniature adults, and children facing a dental emergency are particularly vulnerable to pain, fear, stress, and anxiety. Treating children gently but effectively is something pediatric dentists are specially trained to do with a complete understanding of a child’s particular anatomy and oral development. If you have children and want to be ready for potential dental emergencies, ask the emergency clinic near you if they treat children’s dental emergencies. If your child has special medical concerns — things like a cleft palate, autism, dental fear, or anxiety — be sure to let the staff at the emergency dentist know so that they can provide the most effective and efficient treatment possible.

If you have benefits, does the clinic accept them? What payment options are available?

The last thing you’re going to want to worry about in case of emergency is how to pay for the car you or your children need. The staff at the office of an emergency dentist near you understand that and will help you through the process in a sensitive way. Having said that, getting emergency medical treatment will require you to incur costs. Knowing in advance how payment arrangements are handled — and whether benefits are accepted — can ease some of the inevitable stress in case of an emergency.

We hope you never need to attend a dentist’s office on an emergency basis. In anticipation of potential dental emergencies, though, take the time to find one using these questions to guide your search. Once you find one, place their number and hours on your fridge or in your phone — just in case.