Top 8 Tips to Avoid Root Canal Therapy

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top 8 tips to avoid root canal therapy

Although many patients believe they are taking good care of their teeth, sometimes infections and cavities happen.

Due to the prevalence of such dental issues, some patients may need to get root canal therapy in West Edmonton. With frequent technological advances taking place in the dental industry, this procedure has become painless and an ideal solution to treat teeth that have a damaged pulp. Despite how easy and common this procedure has become, it can still be scary. The infection of the tooth can also expand and affect your overall health if it isn’t addressed. Fortunately, there are many ways patients can avoid the procedure.

Tips to Avoid Root Canal Therapy

1) Have a good oral hygiene routine.

Patients may be tired of hearing this from their Aldergrove dentist, but this is the best and simplest way to prevent serious issues that may require more invasive procedures like a root canal. Patients should brush their teeth twice a day. In addition, they should use mouthwash to finish their routine and help flush any additional bacteria out of their mouth.

That said, having a good routine at home is not enough to fully maintain good oral health. Make you visit your dentist in West Edmonton regularly for a professional cleaning and checkup. These visits allow your dentist to examine your smile and identify any problems before they grow in severity.

2) Floss at least once a day.

Brushing will ensure any plaque on the surface of your teeth is removed, but small pieces of food and debris may still stay stuck in between them and along your gum line. Using dental floss once a day will remove the additional bacteria, and this is why you should adopt the habit of flossing into your hygiene routine.

3) Wear a mouthguard every night.

Many patients experience bruxism, which refers to the grinding and clenching of their teeth while sleeping. Wearing a mouthguard will prevent any such damage from this habit and stop infections from forming and affecting the tooth’s pulp.

4) Pay attention to your diet.

What you eat will greatly affect your general health and the health of your smile. If you consume hard and acidic foods, like candies and certain fruits like lemons and oranges, your teeth may develop additional bacteria and cavities.

5) Additional care and restorations.

Some patients may have experienced dental issues before and have asked their dentist for additional dental protection. These patients need to take extensive care of their smiles to ensure the durability of any crowns, bondings, or fillings that they have previously received. Many patients needing root canals require the procedure to fix a broken crown or filling due to infection. Although the material of these dental restorations makes them durable, they are not invincible.

6) Opt for using a sports mouthguard if you engage in high-contact activities.

Protecting your teeth from injuries with a dental guard is ideal for maintaining your oral health. A mouth guard – specifically a customized one – will protect your smile from injuries such as cracked and chipped teeth, which may need root canal therapy. Having a mouthguard will also help patients avoid the high costs of restorative treatments.

7) Don’t ignore your dental pain.

Some pain may be usual after treatment. However, patients should not be experiencing regular toothaches or excessive pain. If you do, visit a dentist in West Edmonton to double-check that you haven’t developed any dangerous infections.

8) Visit your dentist!

Patients should visit their dentist every six months. Even if you believe your smile is healthy, visiting a dentist will give you peace of mind, and any issues that may be present will be examined in its early stages.

Root Canal Treatment at Aldergrove Dental

If you would like to learn more about root canal treatment near you or are interested in other services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our staff will be happy to assist you.