Non-Removable Dentures: Advantages & Disadvantages

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non removable dentures advantages and disadvantages

After a patient experiences teeth loss, they may start looking for the right way to restore their smile. There are different types of restorative options and procedures available depending on what a patient is looking for.

One of the many restorative options our dentists in West Edmonton provide is dentures. There are two types of dentures for patients who have lost their teeth, removable and non-removable. Both types have their different advantages and disadvantages, and you should discuss your options with a dentist before making your final decision.

 Some patients prefer a long-lasting, non-removable alternative, so they don’t worry about additional care. If you consider non-removable dentures as your therapeutic option, there are some benefits and disadvantages you should consider.

 Advantages of Non-Removable Dentures

 1. No need to store your dentures in a cup

 Removable dentures need to be stored in a glass of water or dental cleaning solution. With a non-removable option, you won’t need to worry about storing it safely and can proceed with your daily activities as normal.

 2. Dentures will be secure.

 Your dentures will be secured in place by implants. You won’t need to worry about them sliding or falling out of place as you would with a removable option.

 Getting dentures in West Edmonton may differ depending on each patient’s dental care. Discuss with your dentist how dental implants work and how the procedure will look before getting your final results.

 3. They will feel and function like your natural teeth.

 Since they will be implanted in place, they will feel like your natural teeth. You will be able to continue your regular activities as if you never lost your teeth in the first place. After your smile is restored with this denture, it will feel and look natural.

 4. They provide consistent jaw support.

 Missing most or all teeth may negatively affect your facial structure and jawbone. Teeth support your jaw, which helps you breathe properly by supporting your airways. Without teeth, your jaw muscles and joints will stop working properly, and you may start experiencing discomfort.

 By getting restorative dentures near you, you will restore the function of your teeth and mouth and ensure your jawbone and surrounding facial structures are fully supported.

 5. They will likely be a one-time cost.

 If taken care of properly, non-removable dentures will be a one-time cost. They may be more expensive than a removable option, but you will not need to take any additional care of them and can continue practicing your usual good hygiene routine at home.

Disadvantages of Non-Removable Dentures

 1Similar to natural teeth, they may chip

 Your non-removable dentures will function and look like natural teeth. Although you won’t have to worry about the dentures moving or sliding, you will need to care for them as you would your natural smile. Teeth tend to chip and break due to trauma or other issues. You will need to be careful, so your dentures don’t break or chip over time or due to any activities.

 2. Some products may not work on dentures.

 Although your dentures will look and feel very natural, they are artificially made, and their material will not respond to certain products as your natural teeth would. Using abrasive products on your dentures may damage their acrylic. In addition, using teeth whitening products will not be effective and may also damage your new artificial teeth.

 To ensure you are using the right products for your restored smile, ask a dentist near you for recommendations and advice on properly caring for non-removable dentures.

 3. You will require implants.

Implants will be needed to attach the dentures to your mouth. This process can be timely and expensive. It will be a one-time cost, but you may want to consider alternatives if you are not ready for this part of the procedure.

Are you interested in a restorative procedure in West Edmonton? Contact our friendly staff at Aldergrove Dental Clinic to book your consultation appointment with one of our dentists.