Here’s Why We Recommend Never Skipping A Dental Cleaning

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here why we recommend never skipping a dental cleaning

Most people, young, old, or some age in between, know that coming in for regular dental cleanings in West Edmonton is important. But if you stop to think about it, no one ever really tells us why they’re so important.

To put it simply, dental cleanings and exams help your dentist monitor your oral health and identify any issues that have arisen or may arise in the future. It allows you, as a patient, to understand the details of what’s happening with your smile and how best to look after it between visits.

If you’re looking to set up a dental cleaning, we recommend contacting our dentist in West Edmonton. They’ll be happy to assist you with all your needs.

Benefits of Dental Appointments 

Listed and described below are just some of the many advantages of coming in for a dental cleaning (and subsequent check-up):

1. It’s the best strategy to get rid of plaque and tartar.

It’s normal for plaque to build up on your smile throughout the day – the food and drinks we consume causes this. But even if you brush after meals, it can remain on your smile, especially in those small, deeper grooves on the chewing surfaces of your teeth, between your teeth, and around your molars. If plaque is left unattended long enough, it’ll turn into tartar. Once tartar has formed, you’ll need to book a deep cleaning with your dentist to have it removed.

Dental cleanings ensure that these substances don’t formulate and therefore don’t lead to decay and gum disease.

2. Your smile will look brighter.

Another notable process that takes place during cleanings is the brushing and polishing of your teeth. Not only does this help freshen up your breath and feel quite nice, but deep-seated stains are scrubbed off, resulting in a more illuminated appearance. You’ll feel more confident when you leave the dental clinic.

Cleaner teeth also ensure that any whitening process you choose to undergo will be successful because bacteria and plaque aren’t present to cause any disruptions.

3. Your overall health will receive a boost.

Your mouth is not a self-contained entity. Our oral anatomy is directly connected to the other systems of our body. When your gums become infected, for example, if it’s not taken care of promptly, this infection can seep into your bloodstream and be delivered to an array of other tissues and organs. Poor oral hygiene can contribute to heart disease or stroke.

4. It’s painless!

A lot of people get nervous about booking a session with a dentist in West Edmonton, but there’s no need to worry! Dental cleanings and check-ups don’t hurt, and the entire treatment can be completed in around an hour.

If you do experience any sensitivity, be sure to let your dental team know. They can provide you with a numbing agent, so you don’t feel anything while your mouth is being treated.

Visit Us Today

Here at Aldergrove Dental Clinic, we provide reliable and affordable dental cleanings near you. New patients are invited to come into our physical location or give our staff a call to learn more about our services and to set up a consultation at a time that works for them. Should you have any queries or concerns, don’t be afraid to voice them; no ask is too silly, too small, or too big. We are here to look after you and walk alongside you on your oral health journey.

You deserve to live well and be happy, and the first step to doing so is having a healthy smile. We’ll see you soon!